I've been creating abstract digital images for years. In the beginning, I was using Photoshop. But after a few years enthusiasm changed to disappointment. I saw how limited PS was; limited by it's nature. For example, one wants to divide one image by other (byte-by-byte) and can't do it with PS. One wants to find third momentum of image histogram and again one can't. Rather than making flexible system, Adobe implemented some fixed frequently-used functions. This resembles programming language HQ9+, that only has 4 commands: H prints 'Hello, World!', Q prints source code of program itself, 9 prints '99 bottles of beer' text, and + increments some variable. I'm not going to discuss interface issues here (if you're interested, you should read excellent Jeff Raskin's book 'Human Interface'). I'll just note that:
- It's possible to create flexible and handy system even under Windows (see Reaktor for example)
- I must write stand-alone programs to perform very simple tasks (freely changing color modes, finding local min/max, measuring RMSE, ...)
So now I'm forced to use bunch of my own programs and PS.

Demo images

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