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Eek's pee
The game has been reported not to work under WinXP SP2. This simple Pascal (clean Pascal, no assembly magick!) program makes the good, great and robust WinXP SP2 hang so hard that nothing except hardware reboot can help! So, for those unlucky having this OS installed, possible solutions are: (best options first ;)
0. Demolish WinXP and install Win98SE, or, better, MSDOS.
1. Get rid of SP2 (you should know how!).
2. Use a virual machine or an emulator (VMWare, Bochs (free))
3. Use an emulator like DosBox (free).
Options #0, #2 and #3 will help you run many other great games that don't work under WinXP, while #1 will make your WinXP a bit better.
Alive and kickin' !
Although last site update was more than a year ago, DCSnake project is not dead! Yes, there is a new version! It includes:
- complete bug-fixed relative control support
- text-mode version (well, it's a bit buggy... but _very_ cool)
And finally, 'manual' section of this site is updated. It's still incomplete, but it's better than nothing. However, be warned: it sets a new typos-per-word record.
Some updates
After long delay we have some updates:
- site wasn't properly displayed in some resolutions; this error is fixed now.
- there is a new version with some bugfixes.
- inversed made a soundtrack for dcsnake. Maybe some remixes will appear later.
You can grab all new stuff in download section.
More bugfixes
Two bugs fixed : "Define keys" menu was not displayed properly and MapEditor was not working. You can download updated version (0.8c) from download section.
"Map too dense" bug fix
There was a bug in version 0.8 : player was sometimes getting "map too dense ..." message even on empty maps. Now it is fixed and you can download updated version (0.8b) from "download" section.
Version 0.8 released !
Version 0.8 is finally done. You can download it from download section. Here is list of new features :
- 4 player support added.
- Vampire mode - if another snake hits you, you gain as many sections as the snake which hit you loses.
- Two head bonus: when such a prize is eaten the snake gains an extra head instead of the tale.
- New MapGenerator - now it generates better maps.
- Game speed does not depends on power of your PC anymore.
- Fixed bug with halting on very dense maps.
- New bot.
- A lot of old bugs removed and a lot of new bugs added :)
See manual for more details.
Russian version of site
For those, who would prefer Russian, Russian version of site is added.
DosCore Snake site opened
DosCore Snake official site finally opened ! It's under construction, but you can find some stuff now.
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